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We're here to help you to your weight loss goal. For some, losing weight is about feeling better about themselves again. For others, it's more serious - it's a health issue. For yet others, it's about looking great for that 40th high school reunion! But, whatever your reason to lose weight, AZ Professional Weight Loss is there with you guiding you from step to step.

Medically monitored weight loss

The problem with so many "wonder" diets is they can actually be harmful to you. These "fad" diets sound wonderful and are usually endorsed by some well-known "name", and most tend to claim you can lay around the house, doing nothing but eat the latest diet or "miracle food" and the pounds will just fall off. 

For some, losing weight can seem simple and easy, but, for most, it's a struggle. That's why we back up all our plans with medical supervision. After all, you goal is to lose weight. Why not give yourself every chance to succeed?

Medications & Supplements

AZ Professional Weight Loss is proud to offer added help with various medications and Supplements to help you achieve your weight loss goals. You can read more about our range on our Medications & Supplements page.

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Weight loss success!

Charlotte - AZ weight loss success

Charlotte lost 100 lbs in 9 months. She's not only looking great, but feeling great too. And she is out there doing the things she loves. Click the thumbnail to see the large image.

This could be you. Call us today to find out how you can start your transformation.

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Our new shop is open!

New shop open

In an effort to further help you achieve your weight loss goals we now have a store filled with products that we not only recommend but use ourselves.

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